Living Youth Programs is sponsored by the Living Church of God and strives to enrich the lives of the teens and young adults in the Church by teaching the way of life God lovingly desires for all of us, providing uplifting opportunities for them to spend time together, and helping them lay a foundation upon which they will build a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you have wandered onto our website randomly from the Internet, then welcome! We’re glad you are here, and you can learn more about us by checking out the website of our sponsor, the Living Church of God.

The Living Church of God is passionate about practicing original Christianity as lived and taught by the first-century disciples of Jesus Christ. More information is available on our website at for you to explore. We have more than 350 congregations around the world that meet every week on the seventh-day Sabbath, where we learn from God’s word, worship our Creator, and enjoy the fellowship of others who seek, as we do, to live every day by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

We in the Living Church of God are equally passionate about fulfilling Jesus Christ’s commission to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the entire world. In this effort, we produce the globally broadcast Tomorrow’s World television program, the always-free Tomorrow’s World magazine, and an abundance of free materials in every media to help others discover the marvelous truth of the Bible and the hope of the world Christ is bringing at His return. As Jesus commands us in Matthew 10:8, all of our materials are completely free—no request for donations and no strings, at all. Just the truth.

The Tomorrow’s World program and materials are available in multiple languages, and the program is very likely playing on a television station where you can see it, not to mention on YouTube and other social media. You can begin exploring our resources for yourself at

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