5Q with Ms. Rebekah Ross of the Living Ed Music Department

We’re afraid there is no podcast this week! Our podcast hosts have been extremely busy, but hope to get back to the mic next week. We did load a new podcast to Spotify and Apple that had previously only been in YouTube, from much earlier last season—about 25 episodes ago! If you didn’t hear it then (It’s about tattoos. Spoiler Alert: God’s not in favor of them…), then head out to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and check it out. The sound quality is not as good as it’s been recently, so be kind!

However, we do have brand new entry in our “Five Questions” series with folks at HQ, this time introducing Ms. Rebekah Ross!

How nice to sit down with the always wonderful Ms. Ross to talk a little about the Living Ed music class—and to cruelly spring a quiz question on her from more than a decade ago when she was a camper at the Missouri Pre-Teen Camp. Can she still answer it? No spoilers here… Watch and see!

Our thanks to Rebekah and all she does to help our LE–Charlotte students bring a little more music into their lives! The video is below, as are the two previous 5Q segments, for those who did not see them.