The Living Youth Program is a youth program sponsored by the Living Church of God for the benefit of its youth.

The Living Youth Program strives to impact the lives of Church Youth in a beneficial manner, giving them opportunities to spend time together, make friends, develop character and learn about God’s way.

The Living Youth Program runs a number of camps (Living Youth Camp, or LYC) each year in the United States of America and around the world that last between one and two weeks, and are available for a range of ages.  Campers can be as young as six, or as old as seventeen.  We also have positions for staff members for both young adults and regular adults.  We also operate regular Bible Studies that are available live, or recorded for people who miss them.

The Living Youth Program Director is Mr. Sheldon Monson.  He is the director of the Teen LYC Camp in Ohio, and the Adventure Team camp.

Assisting him is Mr. Jason Fritts, as well as a number of camp directors around the world.

If you have any questions about the Youth Program, please feel free to check out our Facebook Page or contact us directly.