Texas Preteen Camp

Applicant Information

Campers ages 7-12.
High School Workers ages 15-17.
Adult Workers ages 18 and up.


Staff Arrival: Monday, July 21 – between 10:00am and 2:00pm
Camper Arrival: Monday, July 21 – between noon and 5:00pm
Departure: Friday, July 26 – before noon

Note:If you will also been attending the LYP Teen Camp immediately prior to the Preteen camp, you are able to stay “On-site” between the two events.


All applications should be returned no later than Sunday, June 16th for campers, or Sunday, June 2nd for staff. Applications received after that date may be accepted, but your chances of acceptance will drop.

How to Apply

Visit https://camp.livingyouth.org to register for camp. If you require assistance registering online or need a blank paper application, contact Jenny Penman by email (jennypenman@livingyouth.org) or phone (980) 254-0132.

Registration for LYP Preteen Camp 2019 in Texas began on February 10th. For more information on the camp, or to begin registration, click on More Info.

LYC Registration is Open!

We’re now accepting registrations for all of the North America-based LYC Summer camps! Some of the camps will fill up quickly, so don’t delay!

For more information on the various camps, head to: https://camp.livingyouth.org/camps/, and to register for camp, visit https://camp.livingyouth.org/.

The registration process is quick and easy, but if you have any questions on how to go about registering for camp, visit https://camp.livingyouth.org/Support/.

Life Guard / CPR / AED / First Aid Clinic

In preparation for our upcoming camps we are offering lifeguard training for those interested.  Housing and food will be provided once you arrive.  You will be responsible for your own transportation, lodging, and meals to and from this certification course.  If you are interested in participating in this training program please contact us by email at lyc@lcg.org.  Space is limited so please sign up soon!

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LYC Summer Camps 2016

LYC Summer Camps 2016

We’re excited to be able to announce the dates and locations for the upcoming LYC summer camps this year in North America and Europe. Registration for the North America camps, as well as more detailed information about the camps, and how to go about making preparations to attend camp will be available on https://camp.livingyouth.org in just one week, on Sunday, February 14th. Until then, this should whet your appetite!

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Texas Pre-Teen Staff Orientation

Yesterday we held the Texas Pre-teen staff orientation online. Camp begins a week from today, and having the orientation in advance just helps us hit the ground running once camp begins.  If you missed the orientation, it’s available here; be sure to listen to it! (The sounds a bit rough at the start – it sorts itself out!)

LYC 2013 Pictorial – Texas Pre-Teen Camp

CaptureWe’re just about a month away from the first two camps kicking off this summer – the preteen camps in Texas and West Virginia. Because of that, we’re featuring the Texas excerpt from the 2013 pictorial.  Enjoy!

Texas 2013

Updated Texas Camp Information

Good news!

We’ve updated the texas camp page to reflect the updated location and dates for the camp. Be sure to check it out!