New Living Youth Programs logos selected!

We loved our old logo, but it was time for an upgrade!  Living Youth leadership reviewed more than 400 logos from professional designers from around the world, looking for a new, more modern logo that captured what LYP is all about – the youth in God’s Church, friendship, activities, and God’s creation!  We thank you for your reviews and input as well, and you all were a big part of the final selection process!  The new Living Youth Programs logos have now been selected, and we have some surprises planned that we think you will really like!  Note that we selected two different logos – one for the LYP overall, for camps, the web sites, brochures, etc., and another for Adventure Camp.  Check out the new (low res) logos, and look for them to be rolled out in various ways over 2016 & 2017.

Living Youth Art: Dreaming of LYC

Dreaming of LYC

I love LYC! Before camp starts I get the LYC Jitters — a giggling condition from all of the excitement of what is to come. The condition is kind of like Feast Fever, only with LYC Jitters, you find yourself amid mundane household chores, humming, singing, and in some cases even belting out at the top of your lungs, “I’VE GOT SPIRIT!” As of late, I have a mean case of LYC Jitters.
-Ashley Forrestier