LYP Camp – COVID-19 Update

Camp Registration for all camps is now closed. No further applications will be accepted. For those who have been accepted, please note the following IMPORTANT considerations:

  • Upon arrival, all campers and staff will undergo a screening supervised by the camp health staff, including having their temperatures taken. Anyone arriving sick will be asked to leave the camp immediately.
  • During the camp session, all in attendance will be screened daily for any signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19.
  • Any camper or staff member exhibiting symptoms of possible COVID-19 will receive a nucleic acid-based COVID-19 test.
  • Any camper or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will be isolated immediately (quarantined).
  • If anyone tests positive for COVID-19, parents or guardians of campers will be contacted immediately and will be required to pick up their child from camp. Staff members who test positive will also be required to return home immediately. This could be a major consideration for all camp applicants, especially if they live a considerable distance from the camp. It is important to realize that no one who tests positive will be allowed on a plane to fly home. Because of these policies, those teens who live closer to Wisconsin may choose to switch their camp application in order to attend that camp instead of the Teen Camp in Texas. If so, please contact Jenny Penman at [email protected].

We plan to be in compliance with all state and county standard health protocols at all camps conducted this summer. Those guidelines are too numerous to list in this announcement, but will be posted on the youth website well in advance of camp. 

Question: What is the status of summer camps in the United States in 2020?
Answer: Mr. Weston has approved the Teen Camp in Texas and all three Preteen Camps providing the following criteria can be met in each case:

  • Texas Teen Camp and Texas Preteen Camp – Texas posted Protocols and Guidelines for the reopening of youth camps beginning on May 31. We are awaiting final approval from the Southwestern Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists regarding whether or not Lone Star Camp will be open for us to meet. This decision will be finalized before the end of the month and is not expected to be an issue.
  • Preteen Camps in Missouri and West Virginia – These camps are awaiting both state and facility approval in order to be held.  If we do not have approval for both by the first week of June (Wednesday, June 3), these camps will be cancelled. If we receive state and facility approval, these camps can be conducted.
  • Adventure Camp (Canoe Trip, Wisconsin) – We are still awaiting approval from the state park system for overnight camping in Wisconsin’s state parks. Once the state allows for this, we can proceed with this camp.

Question: What is the status of the Summer Camp Program in Europe for 2020?
Answer: Due to ongoing government restrictions resulting from COVID-19, the summer camp in Belgium has been cancelled.