LYC Pre-Teen Missouri 2012

DESCRIPTION: Our 2012 Camp will return to beautiful Cuivre River State Park in Missouri. Come and meet old friends and new ones, as we learn various skills and play games that help us to appreciate God’s wonderful way of life and the families He has given us!

LOCATION: Cuivre River State Park, 678 State Route 147, Troy, MO 63379. (About 50 miles northwest of St. Louis, Missouri.)

DATES: Sunday, June 10 through Friday, June 15, 2012.

Campers: ages 8-12.
High School Workers: ages 15-18.
Adult Workers: ages 19 and up. For worker positions, previous experience as an LYC camper or staff member would be helpful, as would completing PE236/THL236 (Camp Leadership) from Living University. Age, experience, and interests will be considered where possible in staff placement.
Mini-Campers and Sibling Campers: Staff members who will be bringing younger children who are not old enough to be campers must still submit a mini-camper application for each. Additionally, staff members who must bring older children 13-14 years of age must submit a sibling camper application for each and will be charged application fees.


 Application Fee  Tuition Fee
 1st Camper in Family  $5  $110
 2nd Camper  $5  $100
 3rd Camper or More  $5  $95
 Mini Camper  $5  n/a
 Sibling Camper  $5  n/a
 High School Worker  $10  n/a
 Adult Worker  $10  n/a

Application fees are non-refundable and are due with the application. Tuition fees are due after acceptance, closer to the time of camp.

DEADLINE: All applications should be returned no later than May 27, 2012. Applications received after that date may be accepted, but your chances of acceptance will drop.

Please do not send applications or payments to the camp director, otherwise he will have to forward them on to the camp office in Charlotte which will delay processing.

QUESTIONS? All questions regarding camp should be directed to Mr. Wallace Smith at: 513-898-9601 or emailed to

All questions regarding the application process should be directed to Jenny Penman at (704) 844-1960 x2283 or emailed to