Introducing Living Youth Programs Live

For a number of years Living Youth has been broadcast over a variety of different streaming platforms. We’re pleased to be able to announce that we finally have a home of our own that should be ours for the foreseeable future. It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to Living Youth Programs Live, which is available starting today at To access the site, you will need to use your MyLCG or Camp registration credentials – but once you’ve done that there is no password for individual streams or archives.

On top of that, our archives of the last five years worth of studies are available for streaming at There are a few studies that have been lost over the years, but the vast majority – 200 at the current count – are on there. We encourage you to check them out. Feel free to share any archives of studies you really enjoy on Facebook – because they’re password protected with MyLCG accounts, we don’t have to worry about sharing individual stream passwords any longer!

This new site is where streaming from the Texas Teen summer camp will take place. We’re just 20 days away from streaming beginning. It will also be the new home of Mr. Monson’s Friday-Evening Bible Studies once they resume in the Fall.

We have a lot of old Bible Study posts on that still need to be updated to point to the new archive location. Please be patient with us as we update them all. In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping you from being able to find the recording you’re looking for on the archive page above.

In conclusion: it’s great to finally have this project available for you all to enjoy, and it’s great that we won’t have to be switching to a new site every few years going forwards. If you have any suggestions for how you think Living Youth Programs Live could be any better, please don’t hesitate to let us know, and we’ll be happy to take suggestions. We know that live-chat before and after the studies was always a popular option, and we plan to add that functionality when time permits.