This year the Latin American youth met in southern Guatemala, some 117 miles from the nation’s capital.  Ministers and the youth arrived on Sunday, December 25.  A Spanish ministerial conference was held on Monday and Wednesday, with Messrs. Winnail, Hernandez, Schaubeck, Orrego, Roca, Mora, Ortega, Sanchez, Tenorio and Monti.

The Youth Camp activities started on Monday 26. We had an attendance of 27 young people from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. We also had the presence of Misses Deborah Lincoln-Strange and Marcela Arciga. It was an unforgettable experience because God blessed our activities and made them a success.  Among the activities held was a Bible Study of the Ten Commandments, sports, games, crafts, arts and music.

On Tuesday, we had a Bible Study held by Messrs. Mora and Ortega.  The campers were given bilingual Bibles, the Ten Commandments booklets in Spanish and English, and a T-Shirt with the  Church’s logo.

The ministers had the opportunity to participate in some of the recreational activities.  Also on Tuesday, the Guatemalan members came to the campsite because we had a congregational Bible Study given by Dr. Douglas Winnail to the congregation, campers and ministers.

On Wednesday 28, we resumed activities at 7 in the morning with aerobics, breakfast, and a Bible Study by Mr. Armando Orrego and so we continued our activities.  In the evening we had a dinner dance for the youth and ministers.  During the dance, we gave diplomas to all the youth who participated; the choir also participated among other activities.  The youth fellowshipped and enjoyed each other’s company.

On Thursday, activities resumed with a breakfast and a Bible Study led by Mr. Sergio Roca from Guatemala. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience for all of us.  We thank God for allowing us to enjoy this wonderful camp and for being with us and for the people that made it possible.  Also we would like to thank in a special way the people that gave us gifts from abroad.