Walkthrough of the Guatemala Camp

Here’s a walkthrough of the camp to give you a better “feel” for the camp and what life was like around the facility. I know it’s a little long, but we bump into a few guests on the tour!

Snake! Should Señor Lindley touch it??

A green vine snake found on the hike to the caves…Señor Lindley couldn’t resist the urge to make a new friend

At the deepest part of the caves…HOT!

80 meters down! I’m talking quietly as to not interrupt our guide, so you might need to turn your speakers up.

Cave Exploration on the Excursion

Walking through the caves in Guatemala! Typically caves have cooler temperatures, but not here! Sorry it’s in portrait mode…

Guatemala Boat Excursion

Boat trip out to a Spanish Fort and local caves

Singing ‘Round the Campfire with Señor Hernandez

Here’s a little taste of the evening activities in Guatemala, with a campfire on the beach! Sorry it’s hard to see, but fun to listen to…

10 Commandments with Señor Hernandez Part 2

I’m about 90% certain his favorite part was telling the kids to dunk themselves, “Al agua!”