Ohio Camp 2016 – Slideshow

LYP Ohio 2016 Talent Show!

We’re currently adding the LYP Ohio Talent Show to the LYP stream page.  You won’t want to miss it!


LYP Ohio Camp: August 10th

Today Dr Meredith arrived in Delaware to join us on campus; he presented the Evening Reflection which is available now on our livestream page. Also from today, this morning’s Christian Living class which was given by Mr. Lawdi Ferreira – who is visiting us from South Africa.

Both recordings, along with everything else from LYP Ohio are available at https://livestream.com/livingyouth/lyc-ohio-2016.

LYP Camp Christian Living Class: Who wants to shine like the stars?

We’ve made three more videos from LYP Camp in Ohio today: last night’s All-Stars Volleyball games, last night’s Evening Reflection, and this morning’s Christian Living class from Mr. Wallace Smith titled: Who wants to shine like the stars?

Also included is special music from Mr. Chris Pringle titled Without a Song.

As with all our recordings, they’re available on the official Living Youth Livestream page at http://livestream.com/livingyouth/lyc-ohio-2016.

LYC Camp Christian Living: Would You Give Your Life for a Friend? and Called to Royalty

We’re done catching up on videos from the weekend – we’ve now posted Dr. Scott Winnail’s Friday Evening study titled “Called to Royalty”, and this morning’s study by Mr. Monson titled “Would you give your life for a friend”.

As with all our videos, they’re available on the official LYP Livestream page at https://livestream.com/livingyouth/lyc-ohio-2016.

LYP Ohio Camp 2016 Football All-stars

The Football all-stars game for 2016 just wrapped up, and is available for viewing now at https://livestream.com/livingyouth/lyc-ohio-2016.

LYP Camp Recordings

We have just added two additional recordings from the LYP camp in Ohio: the Sabbath service from yesterday (in two parts) and this morning’s Christian Living class from Mr. Arseneault titled “The Olympian Dream of Righteousness”

Both are available at https://livestream.com/livingyouth/lyc-ohio-2016.

We’re still catching up on recordings from over the Sabbath – coming soon will be Dr. Scott Winnail’s Friday Evening Bible Study. Later this evening, the campers take on the staff in the All-star football game; footage of that game will be available as soon as possible.