Updated: Themes for LYP Teen Camp 2020

EventThemeDress Code
Christian Living Classes
(Outdoor Pavilion)
Matthew 5:14n/a
Topics and Dance
(Upstairs room in Gymnasium)
Proverbs 28:1 * Khaki, Tan, Brown, Orange (Dressy Casual – slacks & short sleeve shirts for boys; skirts & dress shirts or dresses; Dockers or sandals). 
* Dress for sub-Saharan Africa where lions abound.
First Dance
(Outdoor Pavilion)
Havana Nights * Spanish style dress! Boys – Khaki shorts or slacks & open collared short-sleeve dress shirts, Dockers or Vans for shoes.  Girls – skirts or dresses (bright colors, flowery prints) & open toed shoes or colorful sandals.
Final Semi-Formal Dance
Fishing Village on the Sea of GalileeThe setting for this dance will be a small fishing village on the Sea of Galilee (also known as The Sea of Tiberias). 
* Formal attire! Boys – coat & tie, dress slacks (or suits), dress shoes. Girls – formal dresses, dress shoes or dress sandals.    

LYP Europe 2020

The LYC Europe for 2020 will be held at “Domaine de Chevetogne”, Belgium.

The dates for this year’s camp are arrival Friday July 31st and departure on Sunday August 9th. The cost will be €170 euros. Accommodation is in dormitories and, also where Sabbath services, Bible studies, meals and other in-door activities will take place.

Schedule permitting activities will include Bible & Christian education, hiking, orienteering, water-skiing, leather work, music, volleyball, football, speedminton, basketball, netball, swimming, softball, nature discovery, speech and leadership training. We will enjoy two Sabbaths together for relaxation and spiritual instruction, and the week will culminate with a special Sabbath dinner.

Application Forms are available from the UK Church Office [email protected] or from Mr Rees Ellis, Belgium [email protected] Camper and staff applications are to be sent to the UK Office and an email copy sent to Mr Rees Ellis.

Applicant Information

Campers ages 12-19.
Staff volunteers 20+, especially those with prior experience of summer camp are welcome to apply. Our aim is to draw on the experience of staff, while developing the talents of prospective staff members.


Staff Arrival: Monday, July 27, 2020
Camper Arrival: Friday, July 31, 2020
Departure Date: Sunday, August 9, 2020


Tuition Fee
StaffSee staff application.

Note: Tuition fees are due after acceptance, closer to the time of camp.


All applications should be returned no later than April 1, 2020.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

All refunds for cancellations are given at the sole discretion of the camp director on a case-by-case basis. In general, once you have been accepted to camp, and the registration period has closed (whichever comes last) no refunds will be given.


Questions regarding camp should be directed to Rees Ellis (Camp Director):

[email protected]

LYP New Zealand 2020 Photos

Photos from the LYP camp currently underway in New Zealand are available on the LYP Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Living.Youth.Programs/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10158222034568463.

South Africa Teen Camp 2018

We’re happy to be able to make the 2018 South African Camp magazine available to you all! We run a number of international camps every year, and the South African camp is the largest of these. The 2019 camp will be underway in a couple of weeks, but to give you an idea of what it’s like you should check out the magazine!

Adventure Camp 2019 Christian Living Class Notes

The theme for Adventure Camp this year was Mighty Men and Women. Unfortunately we’re not able to provide recordings of the Christian Living classes due to the remoteness of the camp from civilization (although that’s the whole point!), but below are the notes that the speakers used to present their classes. We hope you enjoy them!