How to access the Bible Studies

Starting March 4th, we will again be conducting live Bible Studies every Sunday evening at 7pm (eastern time).  All you will need to access is a web browser that supports Adobe Flash – which is the vast majority of them.  A headset is essential if you want to be able to talk with others, and a webcam is optional.

The chat room will open around 6:30 and close 30 minutes after the end of the Bible Study.  Once the room is open, the message over to the right that says “come back at 7pm” will change to a prompt for a name to log-in as.  Just put in your name and click Join.

If you’re unable to make it at 7pm, we intend to post recordings of the audio of the Bible Study within a few days of each study.

If you have any difficulties joining, please feel free to send me an email, and I’ll be happy to provide whatever assistance I can!

See you there!

Online Bible Studies Beginning March 4th

We’re going to be kicking off our new season of Bible Studies on March 4th at 7pm (US Eastern).  You will be able to join by simply putting in your name in a box on the sidebar to the right.  To access the Bible Study, you will only need a browser that supports Adobe Flash.  A microphone and webcam are optional.  We will be posting a recording of the Bible Study here afterwards.