The West Virginia Family Pre-Teen Camp successfully completed its fifth year—and what a camp it was!  We could see the loving hand of our Father throughout—in His divine protection, encouraging healings, unusually good weather, personal growth and unity!  Twenty-four campers and seven teens, affectionately called the “A-Team,” participated in our best camp to date. The theme for Christian Living classes was the first five of the Ten Commandments.  Several commented on the depth of meaning brought out by covering one commandment at the beginning of each day.  A number of campers and staff members were awarded a bookmarker for reciting the Ten Commandments long form!

Highlights listed by the campers and staff include the following:  Christian Living Classes, “learning to apply the Ten Commandments better in my daily life,” Fun Show, intimate family atmosphere, “Spark Plugs,” “A-Team,” Big Ball, seeing the growth in the young people, nutritious meals made from scratch and the Hebrew folk dance. One nine-year-old camper’s highlight was “being healed.”  On a scale of 1-10, campers and parents gave the activities a 9.7 and a 9.9 to the question, “Was camp worthwhile?”  And to top it off, after paying the camp facility a deposit of one-half of the camp fee, the camp administrator said, “We’re good”!  Our Heavenly Father has certainly blessed His camp in West Virginia most abundantly!