In December 2013 the LCG South Africa hosted its second Living Youth Camp for a total of eleven days. For second year we made use of the Morestêr camp site facilities in Krugersdorp where we had a total of 35 enthusiastic campers that consisted of 23 campers, 12 staff-members & 2 mini-campers. We had staff and youth from nine countries including the USA, Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland and South Africa.

LYC South Africa was kicked off with an inspiring live Skype message from Regional Director Mr Rod King encouraging the teens to develop a personal relationship with God in prayer and Bible Study and take home the lessons learned at camp and to build on these lessons for the rest of their lives.

Living Youth Director, Mr Sheldon Monson’s visit was most appreciated. He participated in all the activities starting with Christian Living Classes on preparation for life.  Mr Monson’s sermon on the first Sabbath explained seven lessons from Proverbs which complimented our daily reading programme of the book of Proverbs which we will have completed by the end of camp.

Highlights during this year’s camp included a safari on horseback in a game reserve.  As we zigzagged across the savannah, we rode past giraffes, black wildebeest, zebras, elands, gazelles, the South African springboks, flushed out noisy guinea fowl, and squawking sacred ibis and marvelled at the “flap”, otherwise known as the long-tailed widowbird.  The owner/guide of Horseback South Africa, was so impressed by our teens, he couldn’t say enough praise for being well-behaved and good mannered.

Other activities included team building, raft-building, abseiling, high-rope tree swinging (10meters), volley-ball with a record consecutive 96 passes, kinball, molkky, walk the plank, a cave expedition, blind man’s obstacle course, and many other activities.

Mrs Ellis’ nature class enthralled the teens and staff alike as they discovered the wonders of God’s feathered creation.  So during the overnight camp everyone was sensitive to every crack, rustle, squawk and hoot. Arriving at this one night camp site, the campers built bivouacs from sticks and leaves they could strip from the bush.  The camp fire gave us warmth in the cool of the evening and we barbequed sausages, sang hymns and read from Proverbs before the usual evening prayer. For those of us stretched out under the stars in our sleeping bags, we had perfect observation of the Southern Cross most of the night since there wasn’t a cloud in the night sky.

Every night we finished the day singing hymns lead by staff and campers, culminating with our favourite hymn, “By this shall men know”.

We had the privilege Thursday evening to have encouraging messages from Dr Meredith and Dr Winnail who Skyped in via Internet wishing us a good camp and giving us sound advice for the future.

Camp finished with a camp fire where we will toast marshmallows and listen to short appreciations of what has been learned by each of the campers.

Many, many, memories from this exciting camp that will be cherished by our tired teens and staff till next year!