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LYC Pre-Teen Camp West Virginia

There will be a West Virginia Pre-Teen/Family Camp this year at the 4-H Camp in Princeton, WV.  The dates are Sunday, July 29-Friday, August 3.  This camp is designed for families with one or more children between the ages of 8-12 where the activities are planned for this age group.  Activities include canoeing, archery, guitar, orienteering, kickball, life lessons and of course, Christian Living.  We had a very successful camp last year and many will be returning.  There are still some openings.  Applications need to be in by July 6.

To register for camp, visit

Camp may be over but memories live on!

As all of us enjoy our first Sabbath after the Missouri camp, we thought you would enjoy looking at these pictures and reflecting on what a wonderful week God gave us. Just click on any thumbnail below to view the full image. Have a marvelous Sabbath!

Why Steve Woolley, crafts instructor, keeps coming back to camp

Today, we get to take a quick look at one of the favorite Missouri Pre-Teen Camp classes for boys: the crafts/woodworking class, with images of some of this year’s campers hard at work! We’ll also hear from our craftsman, Mr. Steve Woolley, who is teaching the class here for the third year in a row and who travels here all the way from Ohio each year to do it. Enjoy!

Wednesday is wonderful

Julie Comes Back to MO Camp!

Julie was first a pre-teen camper, now we are blessed to have her back as staff!

Missouri Camp day two and going great!

Campers and staff alike are having a great time!  Wish you could all be here!  The weather is beautiful and everyone having fun learning God’s way!