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LYC Ohio: Staff Assignments

We have reached another exciting milestone in the preparation for camp; staff assignments have been done!  As with most things, plans (and assignments) can change, but the attachment below should give you a fairly good idea where you will be assigned.

LYC Ohio 2012 – Staff Assignments

Missouri Pre-Teen Camp Welcome Video for Parents & Campers

Howdy, to our Parents and Campers for 2012! We’re looking forward to another great year in Missouri, and we’re glad that you’re going to be a part of it.  As of today, it is exactly one month away!

Let me use this post (1) to remind you to complete all the items necessary for final approval–including mailing in your signed application and your transportation and medical forms, as well as any outstanding payments–and (2) to encourage you to watch the “Welcome” video below!  This brief video is not intended as a substitute for your Acceptance Packet, which should be read very carefully, but we hope it is a help to you as you prepare.

Check out the video, take care of those final requirements, and we’ll see you there! [Some pre-arrival training videos for staff will be posted in later post, so stay tuned…]

Adventure Camp 2012 – Schedule & Planned Hikes

For those of you lucky enough to be going on the Adventure Camp, or for those of you who are interested in knowing what an Adventure Camp is like, attached below is the planned hike like and schedule for 2012.

Glacier National Park (Trip Itinerary 2012)

Glacier National Park 2012 (Hikes planned)

Heads Up, Adventure Camp Applicants!

Acceptance packets for the Adventure Camp are going out beginning today.  Check your inbox!

LYC Pre-Teen Texas 2012

DESCRIPTION: LYC Texas is anxious to present our new home at Camp Woodmen which includes a swimming pool, a private lake, and a number of other amenities that allow us to offer NEW and EXCITING activities for 2012!

LOCATION: Camp Woodmen 5193 Highway 36 N. Bellville , TX (231 miles south of Dallas, 69 miles northwest of Houston)

DATES:  Sunday, June 10 through Friday, June 15, 2012.

Campers ages 7-12.
High School Workers ages 15-18.
Adult Workers ages 19 and up. For worker positions, previous experience as an LYC camper or staff member would be helpful, as would completing PE236/THL236 (Camp Leadership) from Living University. Age, experience, and interests will be considered where possible in staff placement.
Mini-Campers and Sibling Campers: Staff members who will be bringing younger children who are not old enough to be campers must still submit a mini-camper application and will be charged $5 application fee and $20 tuition fee for each. Additionally, staff members who must bring older children 13-14 years of age must submit a sibling camper application for each and will be charged $5 application fee and a $110 tuition fee.


 Application Fee  Tuition Fee
 1st Camper in Family  $5  $110
 2nd Camper  $5  $100
 3rd Camper or More  $5  $95
 Mini Camper  $5  $20
 Sibling Camper  $5  $110
 High School Worker  $20  n/a
 Adult Worker  $20  n/a

Application fees are non-refundable and are due with the application. Tuition fees are due after acceptance, closer to the time of camp.

DEADLINE: All applications should be returned no later than May 27, 2012. Applications received after that date may be accepted, but your chances of acceptance will drop.

Please do not send applications or payments to the camp director, otherwise he will have to forward them on to the camp office in Charlotte which will delay processing.

QUESTIONS? All questions regarding camp should be directed to Mr. Wallace Smith at: 513-898-9601 or emailed to

All questions regarding the application process should be directed to Jenny Penman at (704) 844-1960 x2283 or emailed to


Adventure Camp 2012 Registration is Now Closed

The deadline to apply for the Adventure Camp was March 13th, 2012.  If you registered online but have not yet mailed your signed application, please do so.  Space for this camp is unfortunately very limited, so we regret that not everyone who has applied this year will be accepted.  We expect to begin sending acceptance packets later this week… so check your email! 🙂

LYC Ohio 2012


DESCRIPTION: LYC 2012 will be conducted at Camp Lazarus Boy Scout Camp. This beautiful camp facility is complete with dormitories, cabins, and tent sites, featuring: an outdoor in-ground swimming pool, state-of-the-art archery and riflery ranges, outdoor sand volleyball courts, grassy sports fields, an outdoor amphitheatre, a large dinning hall & kitchen area, and an old-fashioned wood lodge with a river-stone fireplace, complete with an outdoor log-rail deck overlooking the scenic brook that flows through the property. Our canoeing program is conducted at nearby Alum Creek Lake located just 10 minutes from the Camp and will include overnight camping/canoeing trips.

Staff Arrival: Sunday, August 5, 2012 (not later than 5:00 pm)
Camper Arrival: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 (not later than 5:00 pm)
Departure Date: Sunday, August 19, 2012 (not later than 11:00 am unless staying to clean up).

Activities this year will include: Archery, Campus Improvement, Canoeing (includes overnight camping trips), Christian Living, Dance, Life Roles, Public Speaking, Riflery, Softball, Swimming/Water Polo, and Volleyball.
Service Areas for staff include: Counselor (must be 21 or older), Custodial, Kitchen, Laundry, Media (Sound, video, taking photographs, etc.), Mini-Camp, Nurse/First Aid, and Office.


 Application Fee  Tuition Fee
 1st Camper in Family  $5  $250
 2nd Camper  $5  $200
 3rd Camper or More  $5  $150
 Mini Camper  $5  n/a
 Staff (17-20)  $10  $100
 Adult Staff (21+)  $10  n/a

Airport Transportation is $10 roundtrip if you will be flying into/out of Port Columbus Int’l Airport.
Camp T-Shirts are $7 each. Each camper & staff member will receive 4 camp shirts to wear at camp, then take home and keep.
Note: Application fees are non-refundable and are due with the application.

Staff Applications will be accepted from February 1, 2012 – May 1, 2012.
Camper Applications will be accepted from February 1, 2012 – June 1, 2012.
Note: Both staff and campers who apply after the deadlines may still be accepted only if there is space available; otherwise, they may be placed on a waiting list.
Tuition fees are due no later than July 1, 2012.

HOW TO APPLY: Visit to register for camp. If you require assistance registering online or need a paper application, contact Jenny Penman at the LYC Office.

Questions regarding camp should be directed to Sheldon Monson (Camp Director):
(301) 605-7215 (Home)
(715) 441-6081 (Cell)

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Jenny Penman at:
(704) 844-1960 Ext. 2283 (Office)