Adventure Camp Photo Contest 2016


  1. The Adventure Camp photo contest is open to all campers who attended this camp.  Members of the staff may submit their photos for publication in the 2016 Yearbook, camp newspaper, and/or the Youth Website.
  2. Campers may submit their top 10 photos for consideration.  Please send your top 10 pictures to Josh Penman and John Robinson @ and
  3. You may submit an additional 10 photos for use on the Youth Website – however these photos will not be entered into the contest.  Please send these to and
  4. All photos should be titled/named (i.e. Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Baker Lake, Red Deer Lakes Campground, Wildflower Creek Campground, Bader Pass, Luellen Lake Campground, Johnston Creek Campground, Larry’s Camp. The Ink Pots, Johnson Canyon Falls, Johnston Creek, etc.)  If people are in the picture please list them left to right, etc.  If a big group photo is taken list it as Matt Kidney’s group, Sheldon Monson’s group, Joshua Penman’s group, or Peter Schexnayder’s group, etc.  If you’d like to name a picture as “The Big Rock” or whatever else you come up with that is fine too.  The more details the better.
  5. Please submit all photos as an email attachment.
  6. Photo must be submitted by Wednesday, July 27th before midnight EST.
  7. Winners will receive a gift certificate to a sporting goods store – REI in the amount of $100.  There will be one boy and one girl winner!

We look forward to receiving your photos!  They will be judged at the Teen Camp and prizes will be awarded then!