Following an orientation – thirty-two campers and staff members embarked on an adventure into the backcountry of Glacier Park, Montana on Thursday morning July 12th from a trailhead on the US and Canadian border on the northeast corner of the Park.  Four groups of eight – backpacked through fields of wildflowers, forged chest-deep streams, went swimming in clear and refreshing glacial waters, stood in the cool midst of several large thundering waterfalls, and viewed several species of wildlife.  Members of the various groups came into close contact with deer, elk, black bear, and several mountain goats.  They endured rain and cool temperatures (nighttime temperatures dropping down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit) on a couple of days, and enjoyed warm sunny weather the rest of the time.  After hiking roughly 40 miles, and enjoying a restful Sabbath together in the backcountry hikers returned to civilization.  The following day, after spending a night at the KOA, participants (and an additional camper) spent the day covering another 10 miles on foot to see several sights off of the Going-to-the-sun road.  While driving this 50-mile stretch of road we stopped along the way to hike to St. Mary Falls & Virginia Falls (3 miles), to hike Logan Pass to Hidden Lake (6 miles), and the Trail of the Cedars (1 mile).  However, as we were leaving the Logan Pass parking lot we were caught in dense fog, heavy rain, and hail.  The storm caused a number of large mud & rock slides which covered the road both in front of, and behind us.  One vehicle and several pieces of construction equipment were completely covered in rock and mud.  Several other vehicles were damaged and knocked sideways by falling rock and mud.  All of this occurred within eyesight of our vehicles, both behind and in front of us, yet we were untouched.  Heavy equipment moved the debris, opening up one lane of travel, and in an hour-and-a-half we were on our way down the mountain to our destination.  The sun was shining once again.

The last day of our Adventure was spent whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Middle Fork River, followed by a trip to Hungry Horse Dam, and a steak dinner at the Cabin.  We thank God for the protection he granted us, and the beautiful sights he allowed us to see and experience!  The trip was a huge success and an adventure that we will not forget!