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2017 Youth Camp Directors in the United States

Camp Directors for summer camp programs in the United States for 2017 are:

Texas Teen Camp 2017 – Sheldon Monson
Adventure Camp 2017 – United States – Sheldon Monson
Missouri Pre- teen Camp 2017 – Gene Hilgenberg
North Carolina Pre-teen Camp 2017 – Mark Sandor
Texas Pre-teen Camp 2017 – Jason Fritts

We would like to thank Mr. Bob Rodzaj for his willingness to serve as the Texas Pre-teen Camp director for the past two summers. His service has been appreciated.

–Sheldon Monson (Youth Director/Living Church of God)

LYC Summer Camps 2016

LYC Summer Camps 2016

We’re excited to be able to announce the dates and locations for the upcoming LYC summer camps this year in North America and Europe. Registration for the North America camps, as well as more detailed information about the camps, and how to go about making preparations to attend camp will be available on in just one week, on Sunday, February 14th. Until then, this should whet your appetite!

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Missouri Pre-Teen 2014 Photos/Videos

Today we’ve added photos and video from the Pre-teen camp in Missouri.  Check it out!

Missouri Staff Pre-Arrival Orientation Videos for 2013

Howdy, all!  July 7 is almost upon us!  Please find below the four pre-arrival videos for our staff at the Missouri Pre-Teen Camp, followed by a link to the acknowledgment form.  Since our staff orientation time is so precious there at camp, these videos have been designed to cover some universal and fundamental basics, allowing us to focus on some specifics at the site, itself.

Depending on your responsibility at camp (and if you don’t know what that is, you will soon!), there may be more information headed your way, and, of course, we will have the on site orientation ASAP the first day we arrive, so try to be there as close to opening time as you can.

Each video is relatively brief (well, for me, anyway), and if you have any questions after watching feel free to e-mail me directly at wsmith (at)

Here are the four videos, followed by a link to the acknowledgment form.





Here is the link to the acknowledgment form: LYC MO 2013 Video Acknowledgment Form

Stay tuned, there is more to come!


Camp Photos

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to be able to report that we’ve finished putting together the last of the North American camp albums.  You can check out our archive of photos and videos at the following pages:

LYC Ohio Teen Camp

LYC Adventure Camp

LYC Missouri Pre-Teen Camp

LYC Texas Pre-Teen Camp


Camp may be over but memories live on!

As all of us enjoy our first Sabbath after the Missouri camp, we thought you would enjoy looking at these pictures and reflecting on what a wonderful week God gave us. Just click on any thumbnail below to view the full image. Have a marvelous Sabbath!

Why Steve Woolley, crafts instructor, keeps coming back to camp

Today, we get to take a quick look at one of the favorite Missouri Pre-Teen Camp classes for boys: the crafts/woodworking class, with images of some of this year’s campers hard at work! We’ll also hear from our craftsman, Mr. Steve Woolley, who is teaching the class here for the third year in a row and who travels here all the way from Ohio each year to do it. Enjoy!

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