The Living Youth program, through the sponsorship of the Living Church of God, runs a number of camps (LYC) every year in the USA and around the world.

In the USA, the three different types of camps that we run are:

  1. Teen camps – the main camp that we run each year; for campers aged 13 to 17.  Activities cover a range such as Christian living, sports, character development and dance.  Teen camps run for around two weeks.
  2. Preteen camps – For campers aged 6 to 12; these camps are the perfect opportunity for younger campers to get together, learn and play.  Preteen camps run in the summer, and are around one week long.
  3. Adventure camps – for those people who want to push themselves!  Adventure camps are for campers ages 13 to 21 who want challenge themselves, as well as see the beauty of the wilderness.  Not for those who don’t like exertion!

If you are looking for more information on the camps we are running this year, please check them out in the menu above.  You can also review photos and videos from previous camps!

Once you’ve decided you want to go – head to our LYC registration site at